There’s a situation goin’ on
Got everybody on the phone
Another situation bout to be
Just wait a minute…TRUST me

Sirens blaring, waves of penetrating sound
Screaming there’s something FIERCELY going down

Warning cars to leave the scene
Make room for the aftermath of  carnage and heat
Rumor is…hot, young blood’s flowing down gutters lining the filthy city street
Oh-oh mad, mad, madness
Society’s waste smelling of nothing but badness

It’s all about brothers and sisters creepin’ and sleepin’, hustlin’ and droppin’ dimes; 
Strung out on that needle; flyin’ and DYIN’ sometimes

Smoke hissing, slithering, crawling up in the brain;
stoking the chimney to make a man insane

They say there’s an EPIDEMIC in this present age
It’s taking people down faster than the plague

You see now…rich, little Jimmy ain’t burnin’ midnight oil to ace that test and stick it
He’s cookin’ black tar heroin with his friends to get high and kick it

The lady’s no lady and she brings him down
In no time at all, Jimmy’s the talk of the town
Worse comes to worst, when coach kicks him off the team
Folks with the most, society’s hosts, finally panic, protest and SCREAM
Oh-oh mad, mad, madness
Society’s waste smelling of nothing but badness

Now, mom and dad are scared Suzie’s mind has gotten WICKED
But Suzie don’t want their help cause she’s learned how to trick-it

Life interrupted, productivity stopped, people chained and shackled–a slave to sin
But, the world can’t change hearts and minds with only GARBAGE going in
Oh-oh mad, mad, madness
Society’s waste smelling of nothing but badness

LOCK up all them people they say
don’t waste our time trying to figure them out, unless they’ve got mad money to tout;
The rest don’t matter cause they don’t carry no clout

Strike them from the annals of history
Let them drop, pop, coke and toke to add to their misery

Mainline this message through their veins
No! Your life don’t matter in a world where money is the power that reigns  

Truth is…you’ve got no mind on your future; no ambition to invest and save; you’ve chosen the Method of Meth, which just has one road in life to pave
So, you’d rather give up on your life and make a down payment on your grave; then surrender your will and trust in God, Who will teach you to behave
Oh-oh mad, mad, madness
‘Society’s waste smelling of nothing but badness

Now, some may ask, “Where IS GOD in all of this? Does He even care if each one of us exists?”
YES, He cares! He chose us to be His ambassadors; His eyes; His hands; His feet
Anointed with His healing power; filled with His Word;
touching every living soul we meet to be empowered by His Sword.

We are His EARS to hear their cries; Unblinded to see the PAIN within their eyes
We are His HEART that should reach out and help our neighbor without DOUBT
Oh-oh mad, mad, madness
Society’ s waste smelling of nothing but badness

Now, let me take a moment, just to clear the air
Before you shut this down; thinking, why should you care
As you lie in your bed,
God’s watching over you while you sleep
So, before you start your day,
before you’re in too deep,
you should thank the Lord for keeping even His LOST sheep

If you’re quiet you will hear His voice, giving you and me a chance and choice
Or, you can keep moving along, as if you haven’t got a care;
Like those with money lined pockets and their head in the air
Til one day you’re in the end zone when you hear a loud SCREECH!!
God’s put on your breaks because He’s got one last lesson to teach
As you take your last breath,
sin comes to pay you with death and repentance is out of your reach

That soul you treated with selfishness and neglect is lost with out its spirit to reflect
And you understand now that the world wasn’t your home
When the flesh no longer clings to the bone and your soul is left in agony to groan and roam.

Remember, Jesus was sent to tell you of His Father’s MARVELOUS  place;
Free to all who believed in His Son, God’s Righteousness, Mercy and Saving Grace
To receive His Holy Spirit to instruct you in HOLINESS
A promise of abundant life and
BLESSED eternal rest

Oh-oh mad, mad, madness
Society’ s waste smelling of nothing but badness

By the Grace of Our Father, All Glory Be Given to Him,
Your servant, Mishael

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