High within the branches, I believed one day I’d touch the sky


So at night I’d see a star and wish that I could fly


Like many leaves blowing in the wind, I was longing to be free

Until one day a blustering wind blew forth to separate me

It blew me out upon the ocean and carried me unsettlingly;

‘Til the shore was afar, distant from sight; I could no longer behold my tree

The water was not the same as that the tree soaked through its roots; That flowed up through its branches and traveled to my shoots

This water burned and tasted salty; not fit to consume.

Nor could it nourish my old tree or make the flowers bloom

Sure, I dreaded the crowd and clutter of leaves ’round about;

But, this was too much space on a never-ending route

missed my tree;

rooted and grounded; my foundation assured; my purpose easy to see

Cast upon this unpredictable ocean, floating and submitting to its will; Hoping for grace and mercy, and praying for it to be still

My future? This was not what I expected, but, my expectations lacked wisdom and knowledge;

I should have clung to my tree and cursed the wind, and stayed with the other foliage

Now, looking up at the distant sky, it’s stars I’ll never reach

For I’m a castaway soul which has lost its way and unable to mend the breach

All I cared about were my desires and my entitlement

Now, I’m thrust in the jaws of this behemoth ocean, alas I lament!

I have landed indubitably in a watery grave; having not thought to repent; Nor pray, or seek the face of God, with sincere intent

Floating aimlessly upon these moving, rippling waters,

Caught up in a current that swirls and whirls, then, saunters;

The rising, falling, crashing waves, my freedom did abridge;

My hopes and dreams, now dashed, amount to an old adage

Stay rooted in your foundation and be who you are

Be careful what you wish for, before you wish upon a star


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