LIFE is living within the Holiness and Righteousness of God’s Kingdom, bearing His Fruit, attached to The Vine. This standard has been set by God!


My Brothers and Sisters, Brethren,


Believing in one another and our connection and empowerment through God is our first and best line of defense against the adversary. Having been reborn, in understanding our difference, we must not measure our standard of living as defined by the world. Being different means that we will live differently.

It is easy to become lost and lose yourself, when you are still trying to live by the standards of the world. You will find that holiness and righteousness isn’t always welcome within the world and trying to fit in…well, it just won’t feel right. This is when confusion and frustration set in and we become distracted, taking our eyes off of Jesus. As born again Believers, those around us may not believe in us, yet, we still want their approval, love, and affection.

Believing we can have it both ways is like trying to serve two masters, and in doing so, we are neither true to ourselves or God.

Matthew 6:24 (KJV)

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.


Concerning our being a work in progress, now, this I tell you is the lie that must be dispelled within Believers. We must distinguish between a work in progress and a relationship in progress. This will prevent us from being deceived by the adversary and false doctrine, and from deceiving ourselves.

The work to become a new man is done through the working of God’s Holy Spirit, who has given us new life through rebirth, but, keeping our relationship with God healthy requires us to die to ourselves daily. This does not mean that we are a work in progress, it means that as in all relationships, one has to make sacrifices and surrender their will in order to make the relationship work. Their sacrifice is because of their love for the other person. In this case, we sacrifice because of our love for God. It is a sacrifice that we must make daily.

Do not be deceived in weakness by the ideology and theology of the world. When you have been born again through the Spirit, God’s Holy Spirit dwells within you and with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE; not maybe, not in the future, but NOW! People are beguiled by the world and by the things of this world, but, who amongst you really believes in the things of God and His Kingdom?!

While doing research and searching for a lie, I ran into the idea of Inclusion, the theory, backed by misinterpreted scripture, believing that everyone has already been saved and is going to Heaven. People should try to be good, but, it really doesn’t matter what they do between life and death, because they have a sure and secured ticket to Heaven, promised by God. This is the New Age idea of Inclusion.

My Friends, Brethren, this lie has been embedded into the proud and rebellious to use them and keep them in bondage to sin. It is a vain attempt to mimic Light and use darkness for the dismantling of the Cross. It is a belief that expects us to forget everything that Jesus said while He walked among men. Or, perhaps, did Christ, the Word and Son of God, lie to us?

Did Christ die only to change God’s mind about forgiving our sins? Did Christ say that He came to remove the law and the need to be accountable? Did Christ die to remove hell and an antithesis to everything? If one counts the law as fulfilled within Jesus than that man is able to be perfect, as he has access to the Mark and the ability to live in Holiness and Righteousness. Those who continue to sin and find their identity in sin, reject Holiness and Righteousness, thus, they have no part in it, as Holiness has no part in sin and evil.

Matthew 5:17-20 (KJV)

17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Inclusion removes the need to depend upon the indwelling of God’s Holy Spirit to keep us from sin. It removes the purpose of conquering the world and standing in holiness and righteousness until Jesus returns. It removes the need to unite as One with God. Need I say, that it makes the Apostles, Prophets, and Saints of God liars and delusional, and the Word of God is not within them. Be careful my friends for the lies that are whispered to you through media (movies, television, radio, newspapers, magazine, internet); through hear say; and from the pulpit from which may stand an abomination.

Inclusion opens doors for the power and authority of men over God.  If Jesus is no longer needed, then, who can man turn to when he is under the bondage of Satan? Who then, can he turn to for salvation and forgiveness?

Through the lies of Inclusion, this then opens the door for wolves in sheep’s clothing and vipers to spew poison. It opens the door for hirelings to become pastors and to become a vital part of man’s salvation. People will look to them and see them as a god who gives them approval, validation, and the right to keep sinning and remain in sin. Yet, we have been told that the wages of sin is death. Therefore, if we cling to sin, we cling to death.

Yet, the wolf in sheep’s clothing will affirm the sinner’s place in society. No matter how sinful they may be and chose to remain, he will assure their worthiness. Usurping the power of God, the wolf convinces himself that he is compassionate, benevolent, and God has appointed him as a pardoner of sins to those who are seen as living outside of the laws of God and man’s society.

Yet, can you define what living is if you are dead in sin and of the world? Can the walking dead see The Truth, The Way, and The Life? Can they discern life without the Holy Ghost of God?

Brethren, our struggle begins at our first hearing and belief of life as told by the world. The world has set a standard to keep people in bondage, yet, God has raised a Standard to set us free!

Who will you believe, man, or, God? LIFE is living within the Holiness and Righteousness of God’s Kingdom, bearing His Fruit, attached to The Vine. This standard has been set by God!You may live in the luxury and privilege of the world, but, does that define life and living? You may believe that you can live however you please, but, does that define living? Within the Garden of Eden stands the Tree of Life as only God can give it. If I am bearing His fruit, then, I am ALIVE! I can only bear His good fruit if I am attached to Yeshua, The Vine.

God said be not dismayed whatever betide, He will take cake of you. Whatever encompasses a multitude of things and is unlimited. When you’ve taken your eyes off of Jesus, God allows you to wander, but, He’s still there, so His teaching Holy Spirit sends you to research and uncover the lie that you have accepted to distract you.

Distractions come in various forms: illnesses, conflicts, discouragements, frustrations, fears, lusts, hungers and thirsts, greed, and a mountain of vices and circumstances to keep you occupied to interfere with your relationship with God.

The first thing the enemy tries to do is to make you forget who and what you are in Christ! So, he will put untruths- -lies in the mouths of others to poison you trying to kill, steal, and destroy. While you’re searching, you need to find the source of the poison in order to cut if off and know that the only antidote is Jesus. Look again to the example of Jesus and allow God to restore and revive you.






The quest for reality and life begins and ends with Jesus. The world will tell you that, when in Rome do as the Romans do. As Believers, in any circumstance or environment, we must never forget that we are from another world.

While I was sick I became consumed with the preservation of the flesh literally taking my eyes off of Jesus. Having done so, through others, Satan whispered lies to me to place doubt in my mind as to who and what I am through Christ. It was the same trick that he played on Job, when he fed lies into the mouths of his friends and family to try to convince him and accuse him so that he would feel less than who he was; so that he’d believe that God had forsaken him because of his imperfections and iniquity.

I, too, began to think of myself as a separate being marooned on an island of sickness, tormented by my flesh, being that my flesh was in the process of tormenting my soul. But, when I saw and accepted the Truth and remembered who I was, I drew spiritual strength from the Spiritual Well within me. My eyes once again began to focus upon Him and identify myself through Him. Remembering who I am, through The I Am gave me Spiritual wellness, although my body was still infected and wracked with pain.

I asked God to forgive me for my weakness and I forgave myself for my weakness, understanding that the flesh is weak under pressure and pain. However, I thanked God for the journey. However dark the journey was, once again God had opened my eyes to new revelations that brought me closer to Him.

While I was going through my sickness someone told me, “You’re not living.” If the words sound familiar, they are the same accusations that came from Job’s friends and his wife. In other words, I might as well be dead.

Oh, I’m sure they thought that they meant well, although, they couldn’t see my real sickness. Like Job’s friends, they could only see from the outside and what appeared to be going on. But, God was working on the inside and that was none of their business. He didn’t need them to diagnose the problem or tell Him what was the cure, because nobody knew Job like He knew Job, you see, because He created Job, and Job had a relationship with God. God knew what He was doing, but, Satan didn’t know. God knew Job was miserable. He knew that deep down inside, Job knew the Truth. He had not done wrong and offended God. So, knowing the Truth, reasoning told him that there was no other explanation, other than a lie. So, in allowing Job to be tormented by Satan, God was sending Job to do research and search out a lie, in other words the Prince of Lies.

In his sickness, Job’s flesh brought him to the threshold of this world and the next. In his pain he could not help but worry about the preservation of his body. But, although, he moaned and groaned, he wouldn’t curse God. He knew that neither had God turned His wrath upon him for something he had done, nor, had God forsaken him and left him for dead. Job was sure of  something we all should be sure of, Job knew that God is a Good God, who keeps His promises and He promised not to leave us alone. And in his time of sickness, He knew that God is not going to let you go through something for no reason. Job knew something else, which is why God wasn’t worried when Satan plagued Job with sickness, financial disasters, and the death of his children. Job knew how to wait on God. They said, “Curse God and die!” Because, this here, what you’re going through is not living. That’s when Job had to reevaluate life.

My friends, Brethren, people in this world are going to try to assess your life, believing that they know better than you what living life should be. Yet, they weigh and define life by the standards of the world. Jesus reminds us that this–here– this world is not our home. Born of His Spirit, we’re no longer of this world. Your soul will be tormented, conflicted, and lost, if you keep trying to live and define living by the standards of this world.

You may have good friends like Job had, but, when things get tough, really bad, you find out how good those friends really are and if they truly believe in you. After awhile you get to know your friends real good and who you can count on in times of trouble. Yet, this should not change your heart against them. You should love them unconditionally.

When Job’s friends had forsaken him, no matter what they believed, he knew that he still had one friend who was unchanging and forever faithful. You see if other people think that what you believe in isn’t real, isn’t true, and isn’t working, they will be the first to say, “You’re not living.” It gives them satisfaction and makes them feel a little, or, a whole lot better about themselves.

However, if you have a relationship with God, you know you have a friend indeed and a friend when you’re in need. If this Friend is unchanging, then why should you change your belief in Him?

God was looking for righteousness and holiness to prove Job’s worthiness to Satan. Blinded to Holiness and Righteousness, Satan couldn’t see that it doesn’t come from the wellness of the body. It doesn’t come from how much money or possessions you have. It doesn’t even come from having a faithful loving spouse or knowing your children are alive and well! No, the Holiness and Righteousness that Job possessed came from knowing GOD! Even on his deathbed, diseased, and wracked with pain, Job was LIVING in the fullness and glory of God! Satan was mistaken in judging his standards by the world, the flesh, and material things. Glory to God!

That’s why we carry the Word of God to the incarcerated, the poor, the sick, the dying, and people who are just simply engulfed, and swallowed up within their circumstances. Our eyes may only see what is on the surface. We may see a wasted life, an impoverished life, a disabled or inhibited life, but, God counts them as one of the LIVING for He sees Holiness and Righteousness that comes from a relationship with Him.

Bearing God’s Fruit and living in Holiness and Righteousness are your vital signs, your pulse and your heart beat, your fine arrayment, fragrant aroma, and worthiness to be called God’s Child. Your circumstances, however they may look, may be a mission given to you from God to do research, search out a lie to come to the revelation of The Truth and a closer relationship with God.

People all over the world live different lifestyles which are effected by their circumstances. Their lifestyles may not meet your standards, but, what right have you to tell them to curse God and die, because they aren’t living? Yet, that’s just what is happening in parts of Puerto Rico, Africa, Syria, Yemen, South America, and even in your neighborhood. There’s somebody suffering, but, society says that they’re not living according to our definition of living, so let them curse God and die.

Why curse God? Because, in their eyes God has already forsaken you, meaning you’re condemned. The lie was blatantly before Job in his wife and friends. In their betrayal and their unbelief, they proved everything that Job knew about God to be true. God is not a man that He should lie. In his decaying state, upon his sick bed, Job was living life to it’s fullest in his obedience, faithfulness, holiness, and righteousness within God.

Are you struggling in life because of the way those of the world say that you should live and you’ve bought into the lie? That pressure could be causing you to be confused and conflicted. It could be disabling you from living life abundantly. Are you struggling with acceptance in the world, or with family, friends, or a loved one? Are you still clinging to the world because of want of friendship, family, loved ones? Does it feel like you’re not living like you should be living? Are you in the miry clay? Is sickness, grief, incarceration, or adverse circumstances causing you to be distracted? Then, you too may be on a mission to search out a lie to bring you closer to God.

In the Kingdom of God living is literally based upon Holiness and Righteousness, which are blessings from a relationship with your Holy Father. Come out of the Wilderness to live within the Promised Land, the Kingdom of God.

your servant and soldier, united with the One



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